Art Program

Innovative Art Healing

Through a community partnership with Creative Flow Art, we strive to be a leader in offering innovative art healing programs and services to all communities. Our programs impact participants by educating them on opportunities for future employment in art-related jobs.

Therapeutic & Educational

Through a shared experience in the arts, community members connect with each other, share valuable resources, and discover common ground to forge new mutually beneficial relationships.

Meet Our Partner

Juan Carlos A.

We would like to introduce you to Juan Carlos Alfaro, a self-taught immigrant graphic apparel artist growing up in Long Beach. Juan is the Art Healing program director for AFSH and we are honored to have him aboard. Juan has been a graphic artist in the Southern California apparel industry for over 19 years. His passion is to build up the youth in our community, in a skill sometimes deemed as a hobby, inspired him to create the program. He loves sharing the experience and knowledge he’s gained throughout his professional years. Our goal is to expand his Art Healing work shop to every Community.

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Even superhero have a little help from their friends.
Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson. Superman has Lois Lane. And even Deadpool has that dude from the bar.

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View our Wishlist of commonly donated items on Amazon. You can purchase these items on our behalf and we’ll hand them out for you. It’s just that easy – you don’t even have to wear a cape.