2024 Children's Hospital Tour

We are visiting Children's Hospitals in all 50 states!

Superheroes don't always wear a cape.

We are good people just wanting to show love and compassion to everyone we encounter.

To provide essential supportive services, emergency assistance, and diversion for animals, the houseless, veterans, the elderly, men, women, the disabled, the ill, and children, fostering a compassionate and inclusive community for all.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life and restoring the dignity of those we serve by meeting their needs and restoring their hope through the demonstration of love.

We were recently featured on Good Morning America and surprised by Black Adam a.k.a. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Who  We Serve


We offer food, clothing, hygiene kits, and the needed items to get to the next day.


We grant Houseless Veterans with essentials to get by until they receive housing placement


We help children battling chronic or terminal illnesses and those who have special needs


We provide hope through our Art Healing program, bringing hygiene items and companionship


We bring along dog & cat food for the furry friends giving companionship to the houseless


All of our programs are supported by generous donations from our community. Consider giving today to support our mission of demonstrating love through acts of compassion and kindness.

Why We Help

Watch this short video on why we do what we do!

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We Are Here To Help Humanity

Even superhero have a little help from their friends.
Spider-Man has Mary Jane Watson. Superman has Lois Lane. And even Deadpool has that dude from the bar.

Get Involved. Give Kindness.

Volunteers are essential to the success of mission of spreading kindness to those who need it most!

Do you want us to visit you?

You can Make a difference.

Get Involved in Helping Others.

Check Us Out In the News

We’ve been featured in local, regional and national media outlets. Spider-Man is pretty famous, right?

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Every little bit helps.

How will you contribute?

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Kindness and Caring.

One Neighborhood at a Time.

You can be a real life super-hero.

Get Involved. Make a difference.

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Give Smiles To a stranger today.

We’re convinced the world is a little brighter when we bring smiles to the faces of those facing some of life’s toughest issues. Terminal illness, homelessness, and financial instability affect even the strongest humans out there. 

Your gift will make someone’s day.

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